Jan 11, 2012

Stella's New Dress Up Storage

Stella's dress up clothes have been housed in a cardboard trunk who's lid had been torn off and an empty diaper box.  Glamorous. Or not.  Anyway I had seen this thing on Pinterest.  It was a converted dresser.  I was stoked.  I repinned it to one of my boards and then I went to see if I could find the original location... and I couldn't.  I clicked through the pin and it took me to google reader.  Well, that is less than helpful.  Besides that I had just read this thing about pinning with integrity.  Which basically means I will find the original post and pin that instead of the link to the link to the link, or whatever the case may be.  So in any case. 

I have a very talented and handy husband and I said "Can we do this?  Would it be easier than building one from scratch?"  and he said, "Yes."  I said " Sweet.  I found this $10 dresser on Craigslist.  Will it work?"  he said "Yes." I said "Should I call her and see if it's sold?  Will you go with me to pick it up?" He said "Yes."  Anybody see a theme here?  I have the best husband EVER!

Anyway...We bought the dresser.  It looked like this: 

 Then We pulled the top 3 drawers out and cut out the front supports.  We opted to leave the side supports in so that when it has outlived it's usefulness as dress up storage in Stella's room it can be repainted and re-repurposed into mostly open shelving.  He's smart.  And it was easier than cutting them out.  We added a bottom "floor" to cover the bottom drawer, and put on a new, sturdier back.
Then we sanded it down, painted and added a bar to hang clothes on.  Easy.  And functional.  And very well recieved!  

 Here it is in all it's glory!


Also, I did find the original post about the inspiration piece.  It can be found here at Rambling Renovators.  You should check it out. It's way prettier than mine. And the rest of their site is pretty cool too! 

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