Jan 4, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas this year was fun!  With 2 little ones old enough to enjoy every part of it, we had so much fun.  We (again) did 4 for Christmas.  Which is an idea I read ages ago, somewhere.  I can't remember where or I'd share.  Anyway the idea is to only get your kids 4 gifts for Christmas.  Something they Want, something they Need, something to Wear, something to Read.  This helps me to keep from going overboard on the gifts.  Because I would! 

So, Stella got a new dress-up dress, a new dress-up storage... thing. (That Sid and I made by re-purposing a craigslist dresser, inspired by something I saw on Pinterest).  Also a pair of the cutest little navy blue corduroy pants (I went into Osh-Kosh for jeans and came out with cords). And the book  The Clown of God, by Tomie DePaola. 

Bruce got a wooden train set (which he couldn't wait to open and play with).  A Higher chair (since he loved Stella's so much, and since he wanted to sit AT the table with us during meals).  A new pair of jeans, and his book is The Story of Jesus which is a little golden book. 

And I was super proud of myself because I surprised Sid and got him a GPS.  He loves it.  And I love it.  And it still makes me smile when I think of his reaction when he opened it!

He got me a date to go pick out new boots.  Cowboy girl boots.  It was a fun morning.  We went to Green Dragon which is a large farmers market/ flea market/ defies acurate description market.  We had a lovely breakfast and I got boots!  They make me happy.

Since it was a Sunday we also did the church thing. You know since it's about Him and all.  We waited to do gifts after church, and Henry came with Kerri.  It was lovely! 

I am so abundantly blessed by my God and my Family.  I am so thankful that Jesus would come.  And as I was reminded so many times this season He came as baby, but He didn't stay one.  He grew up, to die on a cross.  And that is why I can celebrate His coming!

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  1. I absolutely love that four for Christmas idea! I think I'm going to store that idea away in the future family folder in the back of my head. :)