May 3, 2011

Make Way for Ducklings?

Why yes, we live in a suburban neighborhood.  Why, no we don't really live close to water.  Not terribly far, but not terribly close either. In the children's book Make Way for Ducklings a pair of ducks make a home in a pond in the middle of Boston, and then the mama duck has to take her ducklings to the river.  Quite a walk through Boston.   It's a cute story, and I felt sure that we were going to get to see it happen sometime this summer.  After a few particularly rainy days in April, I got a call from Sid.  He told me to bring Stella outside, that there was a pair of ducks in front of a tree next door. So, out we went to see the ducks.  They waddled around, ate some... i don't know actually, but they were definitely eating, and just watched us watch them.  They didn't stick around too long though.  I guess they needed a real water source.

May 1, 2011

52-17 is Easter!

Stella's Easter Basket

The good picture before church.

The keepin' it real picture, before church.

Bruce and Daddy enjoying the Easter Egg hunt.  
 Stella did all the hunting and the rest of us watched and enjoyed the beautiful weather.