Jan 19, 2012

Looking for that Silver Lining.

Finding the mythical "silver lining" is usually an easy thing for me to do.

Last night Sid and I were talking and I told him that I was an eternal optimist and a hopeless romantic.   He laughed at me.  He'll easily concede the optimist point, but the romantic... not so much.  But I think that he's just confused.  Romantic as defined by dictionary.com  "imbued with or dominated by idealism, a desire for adventure, chivalry, etc."  granted it's definition number 3. But that doesn't make it less valid.   But that's not really what this post is about.  It's about the difference between finding the silver lining and appreciating the silver lining.

Right now, I see the silver lining.  Sid's job sucks.  I mean really sucks.  It's hard physically and emotionally.  It is best described as soul crushing.  I can't wait until he finds a new job.  So what can the silver lining of having a crappy job, surrounded by crude people, and no hope of the situation improving possibly be?  Well, I'm glad you asked.

It's this.  It has reinforced a conviction in both us that Sid belongs in full time ministry.  It has solidified The Call.  It has made us realize that we want to be in ministry.  Sid was told by his pastor growing up "if you can do anything else (non-ministry, that is) and be happy... do that."  Or something along those lines.  Well.

Sid will only be truly happy when he is serving God in a full time vocational way.  I'm glad.  We're sending out more resume's.  I'm glad.  We've expanded the area we're willing to search in.  I'm glad.  We're communicating more clearly on where, and why and what-about-part-time? I'm glad.

So what is the silver lining?  It's being closer to my husband.  It's seeing his passion for ministry renewed.  But... I wish it would have been accomplished without the crappy job, thankyouverymuch.

Jan 17, 2012

Things I love right now

This is a random post.  A list of things that I'm enjoying, that are making me smile, or laugh.  In no particular order. 
  • Stella's ever-growing vocabulary.  Careened?  Really?  You're 4.  Slow down.
  • The books I ordered to teach her to read just came. Thank you UPS.
  • Bruce would rather not be fulled clothed inside.  Even if it is only 35 degrees out there.
  • Sending out resumes and tracking the hits on Sid's website.
  • Coffee every morning.
  • Bruce falling asleep on my lap.
  • Finishing a school workbook with Stella.
  • Cuddly reading time with the kids.
  • Nap time.

Jan 12, 2012

No more Milk

For this boy.  At least not regular grocery store milk. Nope.  He has a "dairy sensitivity."  We (finally) took Bruce to see a homeopathic doctor.  I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner.  He got him on his funky little machine and 5 minutes later says it's a dairy sensitivity.  Probably to the casein. Probably to the casein that is broken (he described it as folded in half) during the pasteurization process.  This was not a real big surprise to me.  I have known since he was still nursing that there was a connection to my milk consumption and his gut reactions. 

So we have switched him to raw milk and cheese and I am learning just how very much dairy we eat!  No cheese! no goldfish! no pizza! Aren't those like the 3 food groups according to toddlers?  Oh I forgot chicken nuggets.  They're still ok.

We're figuring it out. And I'm learning.  He sleeps better and talks more when he feels good.  So I'm all for it!  We're grateful to have an answer that doesn't include surgery (for tubes) to getting rid of all those pesky ear infections!

Jan 11, 2012

Stella's New Dress Up Storage

Stella's dress up clothes have been housed in a cardboard trunk who's lid had been torn off and an empty diaper box.  Glamorous. Or not.  Anyway I had seen this thing on Pinterest.  It was a converted dresser.  I was stoked.  I repinned it to one of my boards and then I went to see if I could find the original location... and I couldn't.  I clicked through the pin and it took me to google reader.  Well, that is less than helpful.  Besides that I had just read this thing about pinning with integrity.  Which basically means I will find the original post and pin that instead of the link to the link to the link, or whatever the case may be.  So in any case. 

I have a very talented and handy husband and I said "Can we do this?  Would it be easier than building one from scratch?"  and he said, "Yes."  I said " Sweet.  I found this $10 dresser on Craigslist.  Will it work?"  he said "Yes." I said "Should I call her and see if it's sold?  Will you go with me to pick it up?" He said "Yes."  Anybody see a theme here?  I have the best husband EVER!

Anyway...We bought the dresser.  It looked like this: 

 Then We pulled the top 3 drawers out and cut out the front supports.  We opted to leave the side supports in so that when it has outlived it's usefulness as dress up storage in Stella's room it can be repainted and re-repurposed into mostly open shelving.  He's smart.  And it was easier than cutting them out.  We added a bottom "floor" to cover the bottom drawer, and put on a new, sturdier back.
Then we sanded it down, painted and added a bar to hang clothes on.  Easy.  And functional.  And very well recieved!  

 Here it is in all it's glory!


Also, I did find the original post about the inspiration piece.  It can be found here at Rambling Renovators.  You should check it out. It's way prettier than mine. And the rest of their site is pretty cool too! 

Jan 4, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas this year was fun!  With 2 little ones old enough to enjoy every part of it, we had so much fun.  We (again) did 4 for Christmas.  Which is an idea I read ages ago, somewhere.  I can't remember where or I'd share.  Anyway the idea is to only get your kids 4 gifts for Christmas.  Something they Want, something they Need, something to Wear, something to Read.  This helps me to keep from going overboard on the gifts.  Because I would! 

So, Stella got a new dress-up dress, a new dress-up storage... thing. (That Sid and I made by re-purposing a craigslist dresser, inspired by something I saw on Pinterest).  Also a pair of the cutest little navy blue corduroy pants (I went into Osh-Kosh for jeans and came out with cords). And the book  The Clown of God, by Tomie DePaola. 

Bruce got a wooden train set (which he couldn't wait to open and play with).  A Higher chair (since he loved Stella's so much, and since he wanted to sit AT the table with us during meals).  A new pair of jeans, and his book is The Story of Jesus which is a little golden book. 

And I was super proud of myself because I surprised Sid and got him a GPS.  He loves it.  And I love it.  And it still makes me smile when I think of his reaction when he opened it!

He got me a date to go pick out new boots.  Cowboy girl boots.  It was a fun morning.  We went to Green Dragon which is a large farmers market/ flea market/ defies acurate description market.  We had a lovely breakfast and I got boots!  They make me happy.

Since it was a Sunday we also did the church thing. You know since it's about Him and all.  We waited to do gifts after church, and Henry came with Kerri.  It was lovely! 

I am so abundantly blessed by my God and my Family.  I am so thankful that Jesus would come.  And as I was reminded so many times this season He came as baby, but He didn't stay one.  He grew up, to die on a cross.  And that is why I can celebrate His coming!

Jan 3, 2012

Project 52- Week 52

I did it!  I have a picture, at least 1. On the blog for every week of 2011.  I am quite proud of myself!    It was a good year.  Short.  But good.  I told Sid the other day that I am truly beginning to understand the phrase "The days are long, but the years are short."  This Last year just flew by, I feel like I'm not sure where it went! In any case, I'll be putting up an official 2011 recap sometime this week, in the meantime, here is a picture from the last week of 2011.