Jan 12, 2012

No more Milk

For this boy.  At least not regular grocery store milk. Nope.  He has a "dairy sensitivity."  We (finally) took Bruce to see a homeopathic doctor.  I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner.  He got him on his funky little machine and 5 minutes later says it's a dairy sensitivity.  Probably to the casein. Probably to the casein that is broken (he described it as folded in half) during the pasteurization process.  This was not a real big surprise to me.  I have known since he was still nursing that there was a connection to my milk consumption and his gut reactions. 

So we have switched him to raw milk and cheese and I am learning just how very much dairy we eat!  No cheese! no goldfish! no pizza! Aren't those like the 3 food groups according to toddlers?  Oh I forgot chicken nuggets.  They're still ok.

We're figuring it out. And I'm learning.  He sleeps better and talks more when he feels good.  So I'm all for it!  We're grateful to have an answer that doesn't include surgery (for tubes) to getting rid of all those pesky ear infections!

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