Jul 13, 2011

This Smile...

Is so contagious.  I cannot see it and not smile back.  It is so lopsided.  It has been since her very first one!  I'm so glad that she didn't grow out of it.  She smiles and her whole being lights up. From the inside out. She smiles with her eyes more than anyone I've ever met.  I'm sure you've read in books where the character has smiling, or dancing eyes.  Well, this kid's got 'em!

And this one?  This smile lights the whole world.  
His eyes smile too.  And that dimple! Oh, I am in trouble.  These two are gonna break some hearts for sure! For now though, I am gonna do my best to make sure that the joy and delight in these smiles stays there.

1 comment:

  1. i was going to say the same thing about his dimple :) i remember having a crush on john shaw in second grade because he had the cutest dimples when he smiled.

    your babies are beautiful annie :)