Jul 9, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Since we now live with my parents, "on the parade route," big deal that it is, we got to enjoy every bit of the decorating and preparing.  My mom and I prepared sandwich stuff, cleaned like mad, and had no idea how many people were coming!  We prayed that God would feed the hungry masses, and just like with loaves and fishes, there were even leftovers!  He's faithful! 

We had around 40 people, and it was really fun.  Stella had lots of friends to play with, and play she did.  The parade is as hokey and fun as ever.  About 45 minutes worth of bands, kids on bikes, and, well, how many mascots do the Reading Phillies have?  
Bruce seemed to enjoy it a little more this year.  He even enjoyed his very own 1st lolli-pop! I have just a few pictures of the festivities, mostly taken by my cousin Josh.  Thanks Josh! 

We spent the afternoon hanging out and enjoying the beautiful weather, and went swimming at my cousins inlaws house. Thanks Jake and Nicki!

Just for fun I went back to look at last years 4th of July post.  The difference is amazing in the kids!  Here's the link in case you are interested!

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