Jul 7, 2011

Drama, Drama, Drama

My son, whom I love with my whole heart, is a drama king.  He will throw himself, face down on the floor, arms out and wail.  I'm not talking about that whiney, wimpy crying stuff.  None of that for this kid.  I mean wail, big tears, heart-breaking stuff.  And then he peeks, to make sure you're watching.  Not always, but man oh man.  My favorite was the day he started to, he made the face, started to lean forward, but he was in his high chair.  Then he opened his mouth WIDE, we all braced ourselves, he had his eyes closed and... no sound. He opened his eyes, took another look around, and did it again.  No sound.  he peeked.  We laughed.  And he's caught.  It doesn't work so well anymore.  But it doesn't stop him from trying.  This is the only picture I currently have of the face-planted wail sessions.

He gets over it pretty quickly.  This picture was taken about 30 minutes after the first!

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