Sep 1, 2010


We did it. We drove from Pennsylvania to Florida and back with two children under three. It was long, but we did it. We actually broke the trip up into parts. Most of the time, I wish all our dearest friends lived close by, but it was wonderful to have stopping points and to get to see friends. We stopped in North Carolina on our way down, to visit with Daniel and Kayla. It was a great time of fellowship.

We got to surprise Sid's Grandma (G.G. to our kids). We didn't tell her we were coming. And it worked. She was truly surprised, despite a little Facebook slip-up of Sid's. She was delighted to see us, as was his Mom. They did their best to spoil the kids. They just loved and loved and loved on them. It was so fun to watch. G.G. bought Stella her first tricycle. We are blessed by their generosity, as well as their love!

Cuddling with G.G.

We also spent a lot of time at the dojo. After all my husband had to learn his Ninja Skills somewhere! It was so much fun to watch Sid and his Dad as they would discuss a student or a technique. It was more fun to watch them moon over how cute Stella is in a karate gee. I have to admit she is pretty adorable!

Sid and Bruce discussing... something Karate related!

And to see the pride and love in Papa Bruce's eyes as he saw and held Bruce was beyond what I imagined. He had no idea that we were planning to name our first son after him and he was floored. He loves his little namesake!

Baby Bruce with Papa Bruce

Stella had fun playing at the dojo. Her dad taught her how to bow when she entered and exited, and he showed her some basic stances and they practiced some punches.

Stella, learning how to punch.

She also enjoyed her Papa Bruce teaching her to do crunches (unfortunatley that was when my camera batteries died), and getting to dress up in the sparring gear.

Stella and Papa Bruce in the Dojo.

On our way back up to PA we stopped for two days in Lynchburg, VA to visit with Rick and Martha and their boys. We had another refreshing time of fellowship with them. I also spent Saturday morning visiting with "Mom and Dad" Plyter, another couple who loved and encouraged me through college. Sunday morning we went with Rick and Martha to their Sunday School Class's activity for the Churches "Gone for Good" project. An interesting way to reach the unchurched, but that is another post for another day.

As I said a long trip, but a good one, and I'm sure we'll do it again!

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