Aug 24, 2010

Cape May

This summer Sid and I had the incredible opportunity to go to the beach with two of the teens from our youth group. The guys invited to go with them to Cape May, NJ and spend a long weekend at the beach house of one of their families. We had such a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

I love the beach. I mean really love it. I don't have to get in the water, although I do enjoy that. I just love to hear it. And marvel at the beauty and vastness of God's creation. I love to sit and feel the breeze and hear the waves. I love to look as far as I can see and see... more ocean.

I had never been to Cape May before and it is a quaint tourist town at the southern tip of New Jersey. It has very cool old Victorian style houses. And a town center that is nothing but cutesy shop after restaurant after cutesy shop. I love it!

Coming back up from the water.

Stella and Sid also had a great time. Stella was fascinated and terrified of the water. She loved, sometimes, to get her feet wet, and sometimes not so much. One evening Stella and I got to take a walk on the shore, just the two of us. We took a bucket to collect some shells. We couldn't leave the beach until she had thrown (almost) all of them back in. I was able to rescue a few of them (and the quarter she found).

The shells I managed to save

The guys were/are so good with Stella, and Bruce. And Stella loves them. They were patient, and loving. We climed to the top of the lighthouse one afternoon, and Stella walked about 20 of the steps up and then was carried the rest of the way, they would take her to the edge of the water and hold her hands and let her look, they showed her rocks and jellyfish and all kinds of things and she reveled in the attention.
Looking at a washed up Jellyfish.

Bruce was a champ. He spent the first day on the beach eating. For about two hours straight. The second day we were on the beach he slept. It was wonderful. And he looked so cute in his little bathing suit that was two sizes too big!

Sleeping away in his tent on the beach!

We are so grateful that we got to go and not think about anything but where to go for dinner, and what time was bedtime. It was a wonderful vacation. We'll never forget it.

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