Sep 10, 2010

Labor Day 2010

We had such a relaxed Labor Day.  I couldn't even tell you what we did in the morning.  Just a regular kicked back morning.  In the afternnon and evening though we went to my Aunt Sue's for a picnic.

It was lots of fun!  My cousin Jake help Bruce for the first time.  He says the little ones make him nervous, he won't hold them until they are pretty good at holding their own head up. 

We "played" Cootie.  Nikki and Jake are great sports, and dug cootie part after cootie part out of the box and played with more than played the game.

On Sunday afternoon we went to my Aunt Ginny's for a picnic.  We had a blast there too.  My Mom and all of her siblings were there and so there were fun pictures of that, and also some fun pictures of Cousins and second cousins too.  

Stella just saw this picture and said, "Those are my friends, and we had fun."

That about sums up Labor Day for us. We had fun.

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