Sep 3, 2010

New Tricycle

New Trike!
I think that part of being a grandparent is relishing in trying to spoil your grandkids.  At least that is how my children's grandparents feel!  While we were in Florida G.G. bought Stella a trike.  It's fabulous.  Stella couldn't have been more excited about it, and G.G. couldn't have been more pleased by the reaction.
Seeing it for the first time
Since I already knew what was in the back of Grandma's car, I got to focus the camera on the little girl's face as we opened the trunk.  Standing there with G.G. in anticipation, seeing her new "bike" and getting to try it out (with Daddy's help).
Is that for ME?
First Ride

She spent lots of time playing with her bike with G.G. too.  Sometimes out front, and sometimes in the back.  Thanks G.G.!  We still love it!

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