Oct 10, 2011

To Stella, On your 4th Birthday


First and foremost, I love you.  So does Daddy.  You are a joy and a delight.  I love to watch you learn and play and imagine and make friends.  I love to listen to your stories. And you can tell some stories.  Just like Uncle Henry.  He could tell some stories too. Still can.  I hope you never lose your love of words.  Speaking of words you have a great vocabulary.  Keep making me read to you.  Even after you know how to read for yourself. 

Let me tell you a little about you at 4.  Your favorite color is purple.  When I asked you what you wanted for your birthday dinner you wanted chicken "with breadcrumbs."  We're having home made chicken nuggets for dinner!  You have the most infectious laugh and smile.  You're beautiful.

I love the way you love your friends, and your brother.  I love the way you are learning to love God. It makes me smile in my heart, and sometimes on my face, to hear you pray and ask God to help you be "obenient and respeckful." 

You are always surprising me with the things you say.  Just today you said "sure enough" to Daddy.  He loved it.  You can, and do, also use assumed, realized, option, adorable, and actually in sentences.  It's quite amusing to hear.

You make my life fuller and better.  I can't imagine my life without you.  You are my first baby, and you are a baby no longer.  I'm not ready for you to grow up, but I love to watch you grow.  Keep on loving, Baby Girl.
Love, Mommy 


  1. so sweet! Happy Birthday Stella :)

  2. Happy Birthday to my favorite now four year old! from Sara Weber :)