Sep 24, 2011

Things I never played

as a child.  Not counting electronic gadgets, naturally.  Today, Stella built a church with her blocks.  Not the outside "look I built a house/castle/church" kind of building. Nope. Not this kid.  She built the inside. 

"This is the stage and the piano, and the Bible. And these are the benches."

5 minutes later when she overheard me telling my mom about it, she added that she had a pastor, and there were now people on the benches.  It. was. wonderful. 

 The picture above was already missing the piano, bible, and pastor.  I moved too slowly!

Look, it's People.  On benches!

I love that my kid plays church.  We went to church when I was young, but it was not a big part of our lives.  We were Sunday church people.  So, to me, it's so exciting to see my kids embracing church as a part not only of our lives, but in some ways as who we are. 

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