Jun 10, 2011


When we left Kristin's home improvement project we went straight on to the Magee's home improvement project!  Martha's mom is moving in with them, so some basement finishing work was occuring at their house.  Since we were there... we helped.  Well, Sid helped.
 The kids and I mostly watched.  My kids had a ball at their house.  Stella LOVED the freedom she was able to have.  They have 5 acres, 2 are open space.  They live on a private dirt road, where the neighbors are known and trusted.  Stella was given permission to let me know, and go play outside.  She had 2 rules.  1. Stay out of the woods (no problem, since that doesn't really appeal to her anyway).  and 2. Stay off the driveway.  She spent lots of time outside.

Both kids also got lots of love from the boys.  Especially from Josh!  What a sweet heart that boy has.But they are all wonderful with both kids.

  Bruce got a present, a Kozy.  I love it, and he's learning to.  : )      We felt truly blessed to be there and able to help.

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