Jun 30, 2011

Little Things Bring Smiles

My very talented and fun friend Katie has a blog called Little Things Bring Smiles.  Every month she does a round up post of, you guessed it, Little Things that made her smile that month.  I think this is a fabulous idea, and I thought I would copy the idea.  So without further ado my list:

Smiles from my kids
Listening to them laugh together.
Chicken salad with Chinese Rice Noodles
Talking to friends on the phone
Seeing friends in person
Spending time with Sid
Watching Bruce learn to walk
Grandma coming to visit - actually that's a big thing!
Wooden Blocks
1st Birthday Parties
"Dates" with Stella

That's what I have for now, but I'm sure I could add more later.

Now you should go and check out Katie's list!

1 comment:

  1. annie i love this!!! you did exactly what i was hoping others would do :) i love your list and was so surprised to see bruce is walking and that he turned one!!! i definitely missed those posts, ill be finding them soon!!

    p.s. what is stella's middle name? i am in love with "stella" and simply curious what you chose :)