Aug 24, 2009


This weekend I accompanied my Husband, and two other adults on a youth retreat. We took just over 20 teens on a weekend work retreat. We had so much fun, working in the dining hall, serving coffee and tea, and clearing plates and cleaning up. Working in the dish room, making sure all the dishes got cleaned up, and put away. And working in the snack shop serving ice cream and making milkshakes. I went to bed way too late both nights because I got the awesome opportunity to hang out with 13 teenage girls from our youth group, and slept in the same room as two of them. Too much fun. We played Dutch Blitz a lot and the girls froze Sid's hat while he was in the pool. I jumped/was thrown in the pool by a ninja (I took him in with me!) and hadn't yet taken my phone out of my pocket. It is mostly working right now. I have no pictures to show because I forgot to take my camera.

Stella had a wonderful time at Grandma and PoPs' house. Grandma got her new shoes, which she loves. She got to play at the pool too, with Grandma and Aunt Sue, whose name she can now say! She learned new words with Grandma and PoPs too, like Piglet, and mouse. I'm glad to have her back, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time away too.

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