Dec 27, 2010

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning this year I woke up at about 7 with Bruce.  At 7:30, after I had changed the blowout diaper, I went in to get Stella up!  She didn't know what day it was, and when I told her it was Christmas my sweet girl said "Christmas?!  I get to go to Aunt Ginny's and see my cousins!" It was adorable.  And I realized she had no idea what was waiting for her downstairs.  So I told her to go get her Daddy up, and I went downstairs with my camera.  She didn't even see the presents until after she had greeted Mom-Mom and Bruce.  Hence the picture taken from the side, but you get the idea!  She was surprised and excited.  These are some pictures of the morning. 

Mom-Mom and Bruce, waiting for everyone else to get up.

Stella's reaction to the presents under the tree.

Stella playing with her new baby doll. (No word yet on a name)

Bruce playing with his new toy from Grandma and Nonna.

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