Oct 13, 2009


This past Saturday, the 10th, was Stella's second birthday.

She is getting so big. She is starting to show signs of an imagination, trying to change baby dolls diapers, going shopping with her cart, and having tea parties where she brings everyone a cup or glass and "pours tea," which we all have to drink. It's so much fun to watch. She loves to take her purse when we go out (today it held 5 matchbox cars and a lollipop). She likes to play with mommy's "tam moo"(camera) and takes lots of pictures. She tells me what she is going to do, and what she isn't, which can get her in trouble. She has an infectious smile, and the cutest little giggles.

Stella is a mommy's girl, and loves to play with Daddy. She loves the phone and usually wants to talk to everyone I talk to. She loves apples, and apple juice, and Pizza. We can't eat too much pizza for Stella. She is starting to be much more free with Hugs and Kisses, though it's still fun to say no when I ask for a hug, well, it's fun to say no. At least she thinks so, Mommy and Daddy, not so much.

Stella loves to read. Always has, all books, all day. Her current favorites are Oooh Puppy (actually called Snuggle Puppy), Cows Dance (Barnyard Dance), and Hupo's (either The Belly Button Book or Hippos Go Berserk). She also loves Moon, Moon (Goodnight Moon).

She has a large and ever growing vocabulary. I love the way she pronounces things, Doggies has gone from Goeys to Doeys, Shirt still doesn't have an 'r' in it, Neither does anything else for that matter (think trucks, forks, etc.) She loves cars and buses, and being outside to watch them. She loves to stop and smell the roses, or any other flower available for smelling. She will pucker her lips and sniff and snort. Too cute!

Stella loves her PoPs, and Mom-Mom, and her Uncle Henry, and loves her Grandma and G.G.!
I love my Stella-Bella Gummy-Bear!

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