Oct 12, 2009

Good bye Jorge.

My car met his unfortunate fate this week. It was an accident. Jorge, my car, was sitting, parked, in front of my house (like he so patiently does when not in use) when he was violently attacked by a larger car. The driver fell asleep and swerved right into my car. Everyone is fine, but both vehicles were badly damaged. My little car is old and not worth very much according to Kelly (of blue book fame). So I fear the worst for poor Jorge. He will be totaled and I will need to find a new car. My friend said that you should be awarded emotional damages when your car gets totaled, because you can never find quite what you need with the amount that the insurance adjusters decide your car is worth. Jorge was old, and he had his moments, but he was a good little car. I'll miss you Jorge.

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