Mar 18, 2014

To Bruce on his 3rd Birthday

  I love you. You are the funniest, snuggliest, most determined, hard-working, helpful boy.  You are always making me laugh.  You are also talking up a storm and becoming more and more understandable every day.  I was worried there for a few months, but you communicate now!  You say funny things too.  My favorite  phrase right now is "Me still drinky" when you want more to drink.
  You decided 2 days before your birthday that you were a "big boy" and should not wear diapers anymore.  I agreed and you have been in big boy pants ever since.  I've done more laundry in the last 5 days than I had in the 3 weeks leading up to it.  You're getting there though and I'm very proud of you. I'm working on patience.
  You love tools.  All tools.  Tools for construction and tools for gardening and tools for eating.  It's so much fun to watch you.  You got big shovels, a rake, a hoe, and a broom for your birthday.  All your size.  It's all you want to play with.  You also got a t-ball set and a baseball glove.  You liked them, but you barely looked at them when we set them up.  You had tools and a spot in the garden to dig.
  You told me yesterday that you loved me.  There is nothing in the world that could have made me happier.  You also told me you loved Daddy, Detta (That's how you're saying Stella these days), and you love "Me, Myself." Followed by PoPs and Mom-Mom.  It was funny. And sweet.
  I love you Buck.



I'm not sure how this wasn't published in June.  It was written then!  Ooops!

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