Nov 24, 2013

Bruce Man

Bruce is so much fun right now.  He's silly. And  chatty.  And lovey.  And I love every minute of it.  Right now he is sleeping with a J.M. Cremps catalog, open to "the digging page."  He asks for the Lowe's ads in the paper in the morning by asking for the "tool paper."  He can tell you what a hammer, pliers, wrench, flat head and philips head screwdrivers, drill, and shovel, rake, and hoe are and what they do. 

He likes to cuddle when he wakes up, which after nap time is one of the best times of my day. But lately he looks up at me and responds to my I love yous with his own.  But he also will tell me he loves my eyelashes, ears, nose, teeth.  It makes me laugh every time. He also climbs into my lap and says "I not love you, 'member that?"
He wants to use tools, and do "man stuff" with Daddy or PoPs.  He can spend hours playing with a shovel outside under the tree or with a board and hammer and nails.  He's a bit of a loner.  He is happy to play by himself even when there are other kids around.  But he's not anti-social.

I love that boy!


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