Jan 1, 2013

2013 - TO DO List

I'm feeling a bit like I should do some goal setting for 2013.  I do believe I'll start out rather small.  So without further ado, my 2013 TO DO List!

  1. Read through the Bible.  I have it all printed up in checklist form.  I will be working on that daily, and I will also be making a list of the names of God I find as I go.  I can post the names of God list as I find them, perhaps weekly? And with a list of the chapters where they were found. 
  2.  Read 12 non-fiction, non-cooking books.  I'm still working on my list, and I will post it on What We Read as soon as it's made.
  3. Continue home-schooling.  I found a new reading program that we will be starting, hopefully with more success than the previous.  We'll be finishing Kindergarten and starting First(!) Grade with Stella, and starting preschool(!) with Bruce.
  4. Project 52.  One photo a week made me pay attention to my kids, and my poor, neglected blog. So, I'm hoping back on the wagon with this.  Grandmas, this one's for you guys! 
And, there you have it folks.  Nothing fancy or even special, but I'll be plugging away at it!  What are your goals for the year?

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