Jun 23, 2012

A letter to Bruce on His 2nd Birthday

Dear Bruce,

Yesterday you turned 2. I cannot believe how fast it went.
 You are the sweetest boy I know.  You love to play with balls.  And Trucks.  You want to do EVERYTHING your sister does.  She's usually a good sport. You love to wear hats.  And play in the dirt and be outside. You are blonde and blue eyed and dimpled. You melt my heart with your smile.  And pierce my ears with your screams :)  I love you more than you will ever know.  You are dramatic, and curious, and HATE the word no.  You make us wonder always what you will grow up to be.  The thoughts we have now lean toward working with your hands, maybe engineering, or a mechanic.   You love to inspect things and figure them out.  You are helpful, and usually kind.  You like to "fight" with daddy and cuddle with mommy, and read with anyone who will! You are quiet and observant.  You still chew on puppy's ears and tail.  He smells terrible, you don't care.

This spring I did a lesson with some moms and it was about loving your children.  They asked us if we could come up with one thing, that one thing that we loved most about each of our children.  That's tough!  I love all those things about you that I've already said.  Daddy and I talked about it and we each love different things about you most!  For Daddy, it's your inquisitiveness, that curiousness and thirst for knowledge that makes you look under the hood of Scottie and Nathan's Powerwheels car to see what makes it go.  For me it's your love.  You love deeply and cuddle hard.  You still cuddle with me, at an age when Stella had given much of it up!  I like to wrap you up and snuggle you close and feel you relax into me and let me smell your head.

I love you Buck-man!

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