May 8, 2012

Taking Karate

Going to Karate is kind of a "given" when we visit Florida, where Sid's Mom lives.  My husband is a 2nd degree black belt in shotokan karate.  His dad's got his 4th degree.  We named our son for Sid's dad, his sensei.   So, one of the things we do here is Karate.  4 nights a week, Sid is there for 3 hours (give or take).  My kids love it, too! But we only spend an hour or so at the dojo.  Papa Bruce loves it when we're there.  He loves my husband, loves my kids.  He can't wait to get the chance to teach them some karate, and he puts a belt on them every time. 

This trip Stella loves to go and wear her belt, her karate "uniform" which consists of a pair of white pants and a tshirt or tank top, and when we get there... head gear for sparring.  But, she's not so interested in participating in class.  Bruce loves the sparring gear too.  And his belt.  He's a little too little to still participate, but he's watching.  He is loving to drop into a straddle leg stance and throw an excellent punch.  His dad's loving it! 

Last night we went a little early so Sid could help a friend go over a kata for a tournament.  I love to watch Sid when he's there.  He's in a whole different world.  

  Papa Bruce tying a belt on Buck
Papa Bruce tying a belt on Stella
Dustin, Sid, Bruce, Checking out a kata.
Sid, Dustin, Bruce, practicing the kata.
My kids in head gear
Sid and Bruce

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