Nov 11, 2011

The Hand that rocks the cradle... Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about how Audrey Saint came and spoke at my Mom's group about grounding our families in the Word.  I also left it hanging about the most important part!  That came right at the end.  Audrey looked at us and said, I'm going to be radical here.  Then she suggested that we make a plan to have our children read through the whole Bible twice before they graduate from High School.  She suggested that the first time be from (roughly) ages 2 to 12 and then again from 12-18.

I love this idea.  It's new for me.  It is radical.  But, I think I'm ok with radical.  Especially if it's radical for Jesus.  I want my kids to be familiar with the Word of God.  I want them to have parts memorized. 

And, she wasn't totally saying that this is something that has to be done all at home.  Certainly it can be.  And it should be something that is encouraged at home.  But we were encouraged to keep a finger on what they were reading and learning in Sunday School and youth group.  Count that!  But the other part of this idea is being responsible for my children's spiritual training.  It is MY job.  Well, mine and Sid's, to make sure that Bruce and Stella are grounded, and rooted in faith.  Sunday school should be a supplement to what we are teaching at home, not the other way around. 

Audrey shared a sobering statistic.  Fewer than 1/20th of all Christian Families worship as a family outside of church. (Barna)  Wow.  That's less than 5 in 100.  And we're not really part of that 5.   Hmmp.Guess I better get on that. 

She talked about how opening the Bible begins a discussion.  Issues will come up during that time.  Questions, things that ae happening in their lives come out and are able to be discussed openly.  These times of conversation around the Word of God will produce fruit.  That's something I want! 

So, again.  What am I going to do?  Well, I'm gonna sit down with Sid and make a plan to get our kids through the Bible before they graduate.  I'm gonna sit down with Sid and see if we can figure out a good time to sit down and study the Bible together with the kids, at least 2x a week. 

I'm so thankful for the Godly women who are in my life, who challenge and encourage me.  Thanks, Audrey, for being faithful to share Godly principles and wisdom with us!

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