Feb 13, 2011

When headbutting is a good thing!

I love to watch Sid and Stella play together. It's so sweet to watch their relationship develop.
 But I Have to admit, that my favorite thing is when they give kisses for goodnight, or goodbye.
 Sid will say something along the lines of "I want my Kisses."  So Stella kisses one cheek,
 Then the other, and then his nose.
 Finally, they bump foreheads and say "BONK."  I melt every time.  It's so cute.  So, in our house headbutting is a good thing.  It is also sweet to see Stella gently (usually!) give Bruce bonks.
In her mind I'm sure it's an expression of love!  Every now and then I also get bonks.  They're fun and sweet.  I'll take them. 

Most of these pictures are from last spring or summer.

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  1. This post makes me happy, just sayin'. I miss you guys!