Jan 11, 2011

I'm in trouble now!

Bruce is fully mobile.

He is able to army marine crawl to just about anywhere he wants to go.  This is fun.  He loves to crawl under the side tables and try to play with lamp cords.  I think he wants to eat them.

Buck can't sit up quite yet, but he can pull himself to standing.  Oh, boy.  Really?  Really?  Standing before sitting.  Yep that's my kid!

It really is fun to watch.  He  wiggles, crawls, or rolls, to wherever it is he wants to get, then reaches as high as he can.  Then up onto his knees, and from there, his feet.  Then he looks around for praise, all proud of himself.

The first time he did it was using Stella's bed frame.  Since then he's used the first step(!), a child sized rocking chair (with trouble... it moves), the sofa, the legs of whomever is closest. He's tried on the cabinet doors too, but there is nothing to grab!

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