Jul 10, 2010

First Haircut

Stella had her first haircut the other week and I have been meaning to blog it. But you know, it happened the day, well night if you want to be all technical, before Bruce was born. And I have had other things on my mind. It was a sort of last minute deal, so I have no pictures of it. It was 9 pm and outside at my friend Tyna's. I said something about Stella needing a haircut and Tyna offered, so I took her up on it. I didn't even think to grab a lock of the hair, so my poor first-born will not have a lock of hair from her first haircut. Some days I think I'm a bad mom! No pictures, no hair, her baby book is gonna be empty! Oh well. She's my kid, and so, chances are good she won't ever think anything of it! Here are the early morning pictures of the haircut (and oatmeal face) the next morning! I think that besides make her hair look neater, and thicker (like mine!) the haircut also made it curlier. Except for the very top front. That is still very straight.

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