Jun 7, 2010

Sweet Gifts

Last night Sid had a Youth Devo Night. They do this once a month, and instead of attending church the teens go to someones house and hang out for the evening, and have a devo. It's pretty fun and the teens really enjoy it. Sid was struggling a little bit with going, but, he had to go. It turned out to be wonderful.

The teens turned it into a little party for him. They had ice cream sundaes, nothing too unusual there. Then when Sid sat down with his, the girls approached him with a large duct tape covered binder. They had made him a scrapbook. They each did at least one page, and many of them wrote him notes about how much they would miss him, and how much he had taught them.

Then he said he realized the guys were missing. They returned with a large blanket covered item. Under the blanket was a three foot tall Chic-fil-A Cow. With two plastic swords, a mace, a ninja mask and a hot pink skirt. It was also covered in memories written with a sharpie. And the names of the boys who gave it to him in glitter puffy paint. I love it. It makes me laugh. They also gave him a card and a HUGE bag of Skittles.

There was also a framed 8 x10 photo of the teens and sponsors that was taken last week during Sunday School. It was a really good night for Sid, and that is a really good thing.

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