Mar 11, 2010

Sleeping with Daddy

Today I put Stella down for a nap, but I knew it wouldn't last. (sigh) She was crying as soon as the door was closed. Shortly after that she calmed down, and Sid got home. Then her door slammed closed and she started to cry. It wasn't a pain cry so I was going to let her cry for a few minutes. Daddy has a harder time with that and decided to go check on her. "I'll make her stay up there," he said 20 minuted later it was silent. And Sid still hadn't reappeared. I thought I'd go check on them. I grabbed my camera before I headed up the steps, expecting them to be asleep on her bed. They weren't. So I checked my bed, not there either. So I looked closer into Stella's room and this is what I found:

Too Cute. Both of them out cold on the recliner. I love my family!

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