Nov 2, 2009

We went camping!

well, sort of camping. We went to a state park and rented what they call cottages. It is one room with 5 beds, a table and chairs, and heat and electricity. So it was cheater camping.

We still had to cook outside, and use the campground bath-house. But we did get to go walking thru the woods, and seeing wildlife, and getting out in the canoe (at least Sid did). We went with friends from church and had a great time. Stella loved getting to play with the other kids, and getting to be outside so much.

Sid had a great time being outside and teaching the boys how to chop wood and sharpen knives.

The cottages were right on the lake and we had gorgeous views from them. The trees were starting to turn, and I really don't know how people can spend time in the woods, or on a lake, and not believe that there is a Creator-God who loves beauty.

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