Sep 15, 2009

Tackling my first wearable skirt!

Late last week I completed a tackle I'd been wanting to do for a while. I made a skirt. My grandmother gave me a lot of fabric when they moved this past spring. I had been wanting to turn this
beautiful black and white fabric into a skirt for myself, and I finally tackled it. It was not without its challenges. I didn't use a pattern, I just guessed at how it should work! Here are the pictures! The waist is slightly wonky but no one will really see it, so I don't mind.

And I used a hem facing for the first time. I am a big fan. The fabric frays very easily. I'm not really sure what kind of fabric it is, but this holds it all in place, and was easier than a rolled hem. Sorry about the poor picture quality.

I am one happy tackler, with a new skirt!
Ignore the date on the pictures, my camera reset itself when I replaced the batteries and it took me a few days to catch it!

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